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Why do you need spesialised Labour advice:

The labour and employment sectors have become an ever increasingly difficult and frustrating terrain for employers to effectively navigate and efficiently operate and grow a business within South Africa.

Historically companies were able to manage labour and employee related matters without professional specialised support, implementing whatever decision they felt was fair and in the interest of the business as a whole.

However now, the risk involved with regards to unfair labour practice, unfair dismissal or discriminatory practices could have disastrous consequences financially, and on the employee relations as a whole. Potentially resulting in broken management/employee relationships, the inability to enforce discipline, industrial action, crippling operations and placing the company in its entirety at risk.

The labour relations sphere is dynamic and ever changing making it almost impossible for companies to stay up to date with the latest legislation requirements, labour and human resource capital trends, without effective professional support and risk management.

Labour risk management has become a crucial part of every business no matter the size and companies should not approach it without proper information and guidance.

Bishop Advisory (Pty) Ltd Labour Relations Consultancy strive to make Labour Law accessible and manageable for your business, with sound advice and implementation of strategic employment solutions.